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Cris Rose is sharing some photos of his entry for the Kidrobot Munnyworld Show. It's a custom 4" tall Foomi named Cryo. Pretty crazy looking...and those guts look eerily familiar...maybe Popbot's innards? And just check out Cryo's background story.

Cryo's immense speed was second only to the amount of heat generated at full throttle.

An attempt to break the robot land-speed record, development was continually hampered by his irritating habit of melting just before Mach 5. More internal cooling was required than there was space for. In a last ditch attempt to salvage the project, huge tubes filled with circulating cryogenic fluids near absolute zero were installed and left free to blow in the wind.

Expecting the radical cooling solution to simply tear away, there was immense surprise when the super-sonic shockwaves generated a protective wake around the robot the faster it went. Cryo completed 4 top-speed runs in quick succession, smashing the previous record by miles and hardly melting at all.

crose cryo 3 crose cryo 4

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