Adam Greeley’s Desayuno Custom Munnt

desayuno front back

Adam Greeley will be releasing his 8" Munny custom Desayuno (Breakfast). The piece has been painted using acrylics and includes resin accessories sculpted by Adam's co-worker James English

The one off piece will be made available on Friday April 1st 2011 for $200.00. You'll be able to pick it up through Adam's webstore.

desayuno sides

Background story:

What’s the most important meal of the day? No one knows this better than Lucha Libre Desayuno. When feeding time comes get out of his way because he needs his fuel for his pile driving ways. Every hardcore wrestler has their own secret weapon whether it be brass knuckles, a wrench, or even a steel chair. Desayuno prefers his chorizo sausage nunchucks with hot sauce bottle handles. His duel purpose weapon will inflict bodily harm whether you’re being beat down with sausage links for getting a shot of hot sauce to the eyes. It’s no holds barred when this guy is in the ring or feeding his face.

desayuno nunchucks

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