Real x Nibbler


Real x Nibbler is a collaboration between Onell Design, Real x Head and The Tarantulas. The Nibbler is a character from Chris Burt - the man behind The Tarantulas. The original design was interpreted into RxH style by Mori and produced in Japan by Real x Head.

This debut release will be unpainted with vinyl cut eye decals. The figure will measure 4.25" in height with articulated arms, waist and head. The two colors that will be released are Molten Pink with White eyes (Mutagenesis #1) and Anti-Matter Black with Mirror eyes (Mutagenesis #2). They'll be priced at £25 plus shipping (about $40).

These will only be sold through The Tarantulas Big Cartel store on Friday February 25th 2011 (time yet to be determined).

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