onell AxisArgenMKII

The folks over at Onell Design are planning to release a new round of stuff this Friday (February 18th 2011) at 9PM EST. This will be the Henshin Wave 2. Here's the laundry list of what will be available via their webshop:

• Clear Red Buildman Gendrone
• Clear Red Echo Morph w/Phase Arm and Gobon Blaster
• Clear Red Axis Joints
• Clear Blue Exellis w/Govurom head
• Clear Blue Axis Joints
• Clear Orange Pheyden w/Govurom head
• Clear Orange Axis Joints
• GITD Green Pheyden w/Govurom head
• Argen MK II
• Silver Axis Joints
• Silver Phase Arm Set SINGLES (one Phase Arm and one Gobon Blaster)
• GITD Green Rig

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