Green Eyed and Grumpy Sprogs by Cris Rose

rose sprogs GEAG3

Tomorrow, February 14th 2011, Cris Rose will be releasing 10 Green Eyed and Grumpy Sprogs and a matching Clear Vision Mk1 Mini Munny. Sporting glossy black bodies and grumpy green eyes, these 2.5" tall resin Sprogs are all dressed up with no place to go. Made up of Rourke, Rockford, Renold, Reason and Remedy, all are limited to just 2 with a single Clear Vision Mk1.

The ten Sprogs are priced at $50.00 each plus shipping and are sold blind. The Clear Vision Mk1 (a 4" hybrid vinyl/resin Mini Munny) is $150.00 plus shipping.

rose munny

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