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Tesselate has finished work on his very first 3" Dunny customs entitled Derek (and his best friend from the future) Roger. They are both hand painted with acrylic and Posca Paint markers and finished with multiple coats of clear lacquer. Both will come packaged in a sturdy cardboard tube for maximum protection.

Both Derek and Roger will be available individually through Tesselate's shop this coming Tuesday - February 8th 2011 - at 6PM London time (1PM EST). They'll be listed for £15.00 each (about $23.00) and limited to just 1 of each.

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Derek and Roger's background story:

Derek and Roger are the best of friends, with one issue. Roger lives exactly two weeks in the future, and they can only communicate with each other via the magic of Marmite!. When they each lavishly spread the brown stuff on a nice crunchy piece of Toast, a gap in space opens and they can see each other through the time portal!

Luckily they are both addicted to the mighty, awesomely gorgeous yeast extract, so pretty much spend most of their free time chatting about the present, past and future, and of course making a few extra credits on the robo horses whenever they can. Those crazy dudes!

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