Dead Presidents’ Crimson Buildman

crimson buildman 1

So the rumors are true...Plastic and Plush does have a special Buildman (Onell Design) variant that I've had hidden away for a little while. It's done in a dark crimson red with silver highlights and black face shields. And while I'm still waiting on a few things before we release the line...there's another surprise.

We have a run of 20 custom pieces from artist Matt Walker (Dead Presidents Designs) and we're going to drop 10 of them tomorrow (Friday February 25th 2011) at 8PM EST. These are done up in old-school G.I. Joe Crimson Guard style. They sparkle in the light...just amazing work. You can pick one up for $30.00 shipped to the US (add $10 for international shipping) through our online shop.

crimson buildman 2

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