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Artist Zombiemonkie aka Mikie Graham (from Blamo Toys) has created a small, self-run toy line named Yokaiju. The first character - Oni Baba - was released this past weekend at Designer Con. Oni Baba is portrayed wearing a traditional Japanese Hannya mask. "Hannya masks have been worn in Japanese Noh Theater for hundreds of years to represent a jealous or malicious woman whom has gone mad and transformed into demon form."

The figure is hand cast from solid resin and painted in a combination of airbrush and dry brush techniques. Sporting 2 points of articulation (hands), Oni Baba comes housed in a traditional Kaiju style bag and header. The Blue Demon colorway was a limited edition of only 8 pieces...unfortunately they've all found good homes at DCon. But for reference...they ran $90.00 each.

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