Designed to Perfection is excited to present Kid Shukuteki, their first handmade resin figure, in three distinct colorways. Kid Shukuteki stands at approximately 6" tall and is made of handcast resin. Every figure is made individually in New Jersey by Erik Jacobus.

There is the Full Color Version ($72.99), Blue Version ($52.99) and Red Version ($52.99). They're all available through the D2Perfection webshop.

kidshukutekicolor3 kidshukutekicolor2

And for the character's background story...

They call me Shukuteki. I kill machine men. You can hire me, for a fair price. My purpose is neither good nor bad, only to serve as judgment upon this world. I have traveled these planes of life beyond the horizon's edge, searching for Her that can unveil the secret of my existence.

kidshukutekiblue1 kidshukutekired3

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