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Tesselate has released a new 4" tall polyresin figure named Carved Oakor. He comes in his own custom packaging with Tesselate stickers, and is currently available for (about $27.00).

The story of the Carved Oakor goes something like this:

This is a bit weird. An archaelogist friend of mine who is working on a dig nearby unearthed this small carved statue yesterday and thought I might be interested in taking a look.

We cleaned it up a bit as it had some moss and growth on the outside and on the back the word 'Oakor' has been carved!

There do seem to be red splatters on the figure, which show it may have been used for sacrifices of some kind? and also another area we gave a quick clean has my 'T' signature!

So, either at some point in the future I time travel back in time, and make these, or I am a highlander and have been alive for thousands of years but have lost my memory?

carved stickers

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