arts unknown Bella Delamere 1 arts unknown Bella Delamere 2 arts unknown Bella Delamere 3

Arts Unknown is a new, UK-based, art toy company founded by art enthusiasts Paul Delfgou and Daniel Kohn. The company will be launching with pieces from three of the biggest names in the industry: Frank Kozik, Doktor A and Gary Baseman. They'll also be starting up a membership program, with limited places offered on a first-come first-served basis.

arts unknown Slugilicious

While they'll be releasing prototype photos in the near future, we do have some sneak peek illustrations of the first three planned releases:

William, Henry & Reginald by Frank Kozik
Bella Delamere (The Casino Affair colorway) by Doktor A
Slugilicious by Gary Baseman

arts unknown William Henry Reginald 1 arts unknown William Henry Reginald 2 arts unknown William Henry Reginald 3

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