Cixi de Troy by Vatine and Attakus

cixi 1

Attakus is proud to present the latest from French comics line: Cixi. Cast in polyresin, this provocatively dressed sculpture is taken directly from the concepts and designs of French comic artist Olivier Vatine. Each Cixi in the 999 piece run is hand painted and hand finished to exacting standards.

This hot-tempered heroine is a minx agitator in the universe of Troy. All men, including the heroic Lanfeust and his enemies, are wrapped around her little finger, but, even if she’s rebellious against decency, she’s also acting as a night righter of wrongs, in a fantasy world full of pirate women.

Look for this piece to sell around $223 each. It's scheduled to ship around September 2010.

cixi 2

3 thoughts on “Cixi de Troy by Vatine and Attakus

  1. Wow, love your toy version of Cixi! I’m playing Cixi (T’zu-Hsi) in Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2010, our play is called ‘Five Clever Courtesans’ so your webpage is great for my research 😀

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