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Opening on April 1st 2010, "Out of the Black" is a solo show of new works by artist and creative director Matt Campbell. The show is called Out of the Black because Matt remains hopeful that we’re all now collectively heading somewhat in new direction away from our dark past.

In the artist's words: "This work embodies the state of mankind today and our imprint on the planet. We take natural resources and create garbage and pollution. We invade the habitats of other life forms and take them over and drive them out. We know it’s bad but we can’t stop - because we love all the cool shiny new stuff we make. We love technology - we love Tuna and we just want to keep eating it."

The show consists of a series of artworks mounted on backboards. Prices will range from $300 - $1200 by size. Framed photographs of some of the pieces will also be available, with prints selling for $180 to $900.

The opening reception takes place at gallery hanaou on Thursday April 1st, from 7PM until 9PM. The show runs through April 30th 2010.


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