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Proxyfigures is a figure studio established in 2006 and based out of Jakarta, Indonesia. Gatotkaca will be the first of the Mythical Bean Series to be release as a limited edition resin figurine...with only 100 pieces (all numbered) available worldwide.

Gatotkaca was Son of a Demigod and a Giantess, he was endowed with flying ability and superhuman strength. Terrible in battles and unforgiving to his enemies, he remained true to his family and country. Gatotkaca is regarded as the ultimate symbol of dutifulness and devotion. Despite knowing that he was destined to be killed in the great battle of Bharatayudha, he marched on nevertheless. It was his noble sacrifice that allowed good to prevail over evil.

These are currently available for pre-order through the Proxyfigures website (above link). The price ends up translating to about $38.50 (as of current exchange rates). Not bad, when you consider each one includes that killer 'stache sculpted on the figure.

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