This is Paco, from artist Federico Bartoli. While the 3.5" tall resin figure hasn't been released, Federico is currently looking for production help. I'd like to see a painted up version of the figure...since it's difficult to see any details on an all white figure.

EDIT (More Info from the Artist):

My concept of PACO: he is a trouble but legendary man, he is born at the slum district of Milan, which is without culture, only violent and bad education. The life for PACO is really hard and unlucky, he has turned to the dark side by this harsh atmosphere. After many years of robbery, arson, rape…etc., he was arrested finally. However, this is not the end. The life of PACO is not so easy like before because he must camouflage everyday to escape from the prison. He has tried to be a bear, a tortoise, a horse…etc., but no one time is successful. PACO needs your help to find the best outfit to escape…CAN YOU HELP HIM?

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