2009 was another strong year for plush releases. Whether you like to display them, cuddle with them or throw them at people...there was a plush dropped over the past year that will catch your eyes. Right here, we're taking a look at our ten favorite plushies of the past year.

plush stepper

#10 - Stepper (Bunk Bots) by Huge Factory
Jason Hilbourne decided to create a line of plush robots because his kids were sleeping next to their hard plastic robot toys. From that, the Bunk Bots were born. Our favorite of the line is Stepper, but each character is slightly different: shade of grey, eye pattern and hands.

plush haminal

#9 - Canned Haminal by Crystal Chesney Thompson
Already mentioned in our coverage of best packaging, the actual plush inside of that Spam-like container is also pretty darn cute. The pink plush is a combination of a hamster and canned ham...but not as tasty. Mmm...grilled hamster.

plush lion

#8 - Lion (Lubies) by RocketUSA
One of the best representatives of RocketUSA's Lubies line has to be the Lion. (I believe that's an example of alliteration) The softball style plush is soft and cuddly - perfect if you're 2 years old...or 82.

plush rue

#7 - Rue by Worry Woo Monsters
Andi Green's characters made the transition from her watercolor-styled books to 3-dimensional plush. Our favorite of the line is Rue. What, with a big ol' nose, stylin' hairstyle and soft angelic wings...wouldn't it be yours?

plush apple

#6 - Happy Green Apple (Fresh Fruit) by Anna Chambers
Crisp and delicious, this plush apple (is it a Granny Smith?) ended up slightly ahead of its red variant. The fleece material put it over the top. And...I think I just realized that I'm hungry.

plush uppy

#5 - Uppy (Uglydolls) by Pretty Ugly
Our favorite Uglydoll of 2009 had to be the bright pink Uppy. From David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, the appeal starts with the color combination...but ends with those winged ears.

plush titus

#4 - Titus by Rocket World
Fans of the Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo finally got what they've been hoping for - a production plush piece. Probably the most popular - and the original - IWG character, the plush Titus held to his butt-kicking roots. Yep...that's a human skull.

plush greenees

#3 - Henry - Switch by The GreeNees
The family produced line of eco-friendly plushies are made using organic terri-cloth. Striving to get kids to make energy conservation a part of their daily lives, not only are they cute - but they have a message. Our favorite character is Henry, aka Switch, who helps promote solar power.

plush gooberry

#2 - Gooberry by Attaboy
We first saw Attaboy's Gooberry plush when it was still in development by Rock America (back in 2005). But when we got our hands on the interactive plush, we were obviously impressed. Pull the string - listen to the Gooberry squeak - and feel it shake.

plush embri

**WINNER** #1 - Embri by Monster Workshop
The handmade Embri, from Monster Workshop, features a wire armature inside of its plush body. The soft, furry exterior of the little monster makes it easy to cuddle...but the armature lets you pose the plush in various stances. And we love a plush that you can display next to the rest of your toys.

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