wuzone poster

WuzOne has a few new projects, customs and shows cooking up. He's created a new website (linked above) and will have his first solo show. Photos of customs that will be on display at the show can be seen here.

wuzone milky pulgosa bloom wuzone milky pulgosa bloom back

Milky "Pulgosa" Bloom is a custom collaboration with the Spanish illustrator Arwassa. Standing at 4.7" tall - the DIY Edition Milky Bloom is 100% handmade, and will be released in December.

wuzone push

The 8" ScatterBrained PUSH is a custom gift that WuzOne made as a gift for a friend.

wuzone ochiba koibito

The Ochiba Koibito is Wuz's first koibito custom. This was a commission for a French collector. 

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