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This Wednesday, we're going to look at the etsy seller - Wooldebeast. Her plush creations are made from 100% reclaimed, felt wool sweaters, reclaimed cottons, embroidery flosses and yarns. All of the original designs are hand-embroidered and machine-sewn.

The Beasts range in price from $16 to $28. Here's what the designer has to say about the line:

Beasts are independent and strong-willed, but have a delicate side and can’t be handled by wee ones. Don’t be intimidated by their ferocious appearance. They’re softies inside, stuffed with Ecofill, which is made from recycled/spun pop bottles as I understand it. Beasts are excellent listeners who never judge dumb things you’ve said or done. Not that you do a lot of dumb things, but hey. We’ve all got a little beast in us.

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