Chauskoskis has sent us photos of his custom Yoka, which will be shown in the Yoka Custom Show at Designer Con later this month. The artist describes his character as follows:


His name is "RigoBerto Mortis"  a dead super hero. Once upon a time, long  long time ago, in the medieval ages he was  a evil warrior always blood thirsty , but   after his death a magic spell from a powerful wizard,   condemned his dead body to do good  for centurys to come... now is the XXI century and he's on a superhero suit that  he wears with no so much pleasure... always by his side is his old time friend Monko  (a stuffed monkey, that pass away around year 1100 ) they "together"  fight criminals and new human menaces... 

DSC01580 DSC01591 DSC01540

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