Urbanix Gallery, in collaboration with Golan Heights Winery, will be launching the winery's first 2009 vintage red wine, Golan Gamay Nouveau 2009. This will all be part of the Art2Go exhibition: a group show by artists Liron Ben Artzi, Maayan Israel, UNGA, and Gili Comforty. The works of these artists have been selected for the label design of that new wine.

Gili Comforty Unga

The four artists selected to participate in the project each hail from a different field in art and design: graffiti, digital graphic art, architecture, painting, and sculpture. In addition to the original works selected for the wine label's design, each artist will exhibit other works which are characteristic of their unique style.

Liron Ben Artzi Maayan Ben Israel

The opening reception will take place at Urbanix Gallery on Wednesday November 18th at 9PM.

Urbanix Gallery
45 Sheinkin Street (Gallery Floor)
Tel Aviv

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