Jason from Bunk Bots has customized the Robolucha vinyl from Patch Together for their upcoming custom show. "Tag Team TKO" is a mashup of the Robolucha figure and the classic robot boxing toy Rock'em
Sock'em Robots.

Imagine being there as the bell rings to start this
battle.  Servo motors whine.  Metal crashes into metal.  Near the end
of round three, Red executes a flying MMA kick to the face, and Blue's
neck ratchets up.  The fight is over.  The crowd goes wild!  
I had a lot of fun with this custom, and I hope
people enjoy it on the show's European tour that starts later this
month.  Folks who are into this kind of thing might also dig the Bunk
Bots, Robolucha, Mattel's classic Rock'em Sock'em Robots, the
incredible artwork of Eric Joyner, and did I mention the Bunk Bots?!

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