David Foox has posted photos and a story about his custom Universal Bunny + Sarcofaguss [sic]. He describes the project as follows:

"This UNIVERSAL BUNNY + SARCOFAGUSS wants YOU to know that just like a
HEAD can’t be without a BODY, so too does MAN need to be one with GOD
and NATURE. Simply put we are the system and we are the universe."

There is a bunch of stuff going on with this custom. It's probably easier for you to view all of the photos, rather than me trying to explain.  But the main features are a pyramid on the face, a skull on the back of the head and Foox's take on da Vinci's Vitruvian Man on the back.

Foox-high-res-universal-bunny131 Foox-high-res-universal-bunny26

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