In episode 3 of blindboxed tv, they decided to take a few jabs at the constructive criticism I gave episode 2. No worries. But since the post last week obviously had some impact on the show (no more background music), I'd like to give only one suggestion for this week.

Let me preface my suggestion with a direct quote from the show: "I don't know what it's limited to, or how big it is. But I do know it's awesome." The reason I, or any readers or viewers, tune in to read a blog or watch a video is to be entertained and/or informed. (By the way, a quick Google search turned up the edition size in question) I came away having more questions than answers. Why was it awesome? A cool design? Good articulation? A great transfer of artwork to 3D?

I do see a lot of promise in the show. It's well produced. Has varying camera angles. And the folks involved seem passionate about the scene. But it's still rated PG-13.

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