The Germusu “are mini storage microbial pouches” from artist Vanessa Germosen. The 2009 lineup includes five new characters: Achu (teal), Gou (green), Coli (yellow), Eri (orange) and Zoa (gray).

Achu is annoying                                Gou is kinda shy
but she doesn’t make you sneeze           he always likes to hide
she’s that stinky fella                          in the inside of your ear
that lives in your blue cheese.               or the corner of your eye.

Coli is so evil, Coli is so mean                Eri’s kind of stinky
he’ll make you burp                            rot’s his favorite scent
and make you hurt                              he loves your smelly toes jam
and then he’ll eat your spleen!              and your bits of belly lint.

Zoa’s really boring
he likes to mope about
he’ll dawdle and sulk all day long
and then he’ll just pass out.



Like most plush lines, the Germusu don’t have actual packaging.  What they do have is a tag that features an illustrated picture of the character on the front and the above stories on the back.


The Figures

The Germusu single celled pouches are approximately 4” long, with the exception of Eri, who is about 5” long. The 2009 set includes five different characters: Achu (teal), Zoa, (gray), Eri (orange), Coli (yellow) and Gou (green).

Each microbial pouch has a zipper mouth which opens to a red plush inside. You can place coins, keys, candy, credit cards (only Eri), etc. in there for safekeeping. They all have a black plastic clip-on clasp on the top that allows you to place it on a belt loop or your backpack.


Our Opinion

The one big change between the first Germusu – Mooger – and this new lineup of single celled pouches might be in the eyes. While Mooger’s eyes were ironed on, the five new characters all have embroidered eyes and noses. Since they might be hanging on your backpack or other high traffic areas, this is a sensible change.

With the addition of five new characters, you’re given five new colors (Gou and Mooger are different shades of green). So those fashion conscience collectors can color coordinate their Germusu to their outfit or backpack.


And we like that Vanessa has added a few new looks, such as Zoa’s three nubs on his bottom or Achu’s nub on the top of her head.

If I were to list them in order, beginning with my favorite design, it would be as follows:

1.    Zoa (gray)
2.    Achu (teal)
3.    Coli (yellow)
4.    Gou (green)
5.    Eri (orange)


For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

You can pick one up at the following: $6.00 ea.

Germusu Grades:

Quality: 8/10
Stitching: 8/10
Tag Design: 9/10
Softness: 7/10
Hype: 7/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 9/10

Overall: 9.1/10


What do you rate these figures?

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