Kid Kustoms is collaborating with PPG Industries and Wheaty Wheat Studios to bring forth a completely new medium for artists to display their talents.  In Tins for Tots, they have invited the world’s best hot rod stripers, street artists, illustrators, air brushers, graphic designers and cartoonists to compete in one of 3 categories to generate awareness and resources for various charitable organizations.

Each participant is provided a set of fenders. While interchangeable on any of the Kid Kustoms Roddler strollers, the finished products will be displayed in prominent galleries worldwide, and auctioned off on a custom mounted frame (signed by the artist and with a letter of authenticity).  Then voting will occur to determine the top ten in each category. The winner from each category will be auctioned off on a Roddler, with proceeds from all sales being donated to the artists’ choice of the participating charitable foundations*. The only stipulation for the contest is fenders must be painted in the Kid Kustoms color palate, which consists of 9 offerings from the PPG Vibrance collection that are exclusive to the Roddler.

"What we are doing is the first undertaking of its kind. It blurs the bounds between art mediums, the automotive world, fashion, technology and juvenile product realm. We are practicing the art of science through aesthetic appeal, functional design and thought provoking reason" says Jamie Coblentz, president of Kid Kustoms and Pinstripe Prep.

*Charities are: One is Greater than None, UNICEF, Sacred Circle, Action Against Hunger and Conservation International.

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