Chi-Kit Kwong, the younger brother of Galaxy Bunch designer Michael Kwong, has designed a new series of vinyl figures.  Called Chi-Bo, the series will be shown off at the Taipei Toy Festival, Toyko Wonder festival and SDCC
2008.  Beginning this August, every two months, they will launch
five characters (and a secret character) equaling 60 total characters.

"I believe in the significance of individuality. The
individual is ultimately the most valuable and main ingredient of
humanity. The characters of Chi-Bo celebrate and reflect the beauty of
" Quoted from Chi-Kit.






Each Chi-Bo figure will include a (different) small comic book
comes with each package, as well as one part that will help you construct the sixth character (the secret one) in the series. This is called the Build A Figure (BAF).


The 60 characters are split into three different story lines: The Royal Zoo, The Great China Athletic Club and Old East Town.  The Royal Zoo will be the first series released, and the characters include: His Royal Highness, Action Kwong, Tall kitty, Space Funky and Teenage track-star (Miracle Shroom is the BAF).

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