On Saturday January 13th...Super7 will be releasing the Ogon Skullman.  It's a crazy, five way collaboration with Balzac
x Super7 x Mike Giant x Secret Base x Misfits Records

"A new
interpretation of the classic Balzac Skullman vinyl figure, this
version was Inspired by the original Japanese 'so bad he's good' OGAN
."  The figure stands at 7" tall and is limited to 138 pieces.  The Ogon Skullman retails for $90 and is currently up for pre-order only through Super7.  A reverse colorway of gold on black vinyl will also be available (limited to 138 pieces) from Misfits Records website
(Balzac's U.S. label), but will not have the Mike Giant lettering on the back (it'll instead have a Misfits Records logo).

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