Wondrous Arts announced a new Pink Panther line of tiki mugs and matching scorpion bowl, which have been designed by the artist SHAG.  The new line will be called SHAG tiki mugs and was specifically designed by SHAG for the Pink Panther's 40th Anniversary. 

Since his first appearance in the opening credits of Blake Edwards’ comedy farce The Pink Panther four decades ago, the Pink Panther himself has become one of the most recognizable characters in the world.  Each of the two mugs feature character art of Pink Panther and the Inspector. The scorpion bowl features a unique, three-sided shape with a tiki sentinel at each corner, and character art of the Pink Panther,  Inspector and Fez Monkey on the bowl’s three sides.  Rendered in rich, colorful, food-safe glazes, the ceramic tiki mugs and scorpion bowl are dishwasher and microwave safe, and are perfect for sipping a tasty, cold, tropical drink or for admiring in a collection. The new line is available for shipping for a limited time through the end of 2006.






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