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SDCC14: Alien Egg Chamber Playset Pre-Order

Super7 Alien Playset 1

Fans of the Alien ReAction Figures will be excited to hear that Super7 will have the Alien Egg Chamber Playset available for pre-order during San Diego Comic Con 2014 at the convention and online. The pre-order will last from Wednesday July 21st at 6pm through Sunday July 27th at 5pm.

All playsets will be limited to the number of orders received and made to order. Playset bases will be made from hand cast resin unless enough orders are received to manufacture the bases in injection molded plastic. The delivery date for resin bases will be 3-4 months after ordering and injection bases will be 6-7 months after ordering.

They will run $100.00 plus $15.00 shipping.

Super7 Alien Playset 2

Alien Deep Space Mystery ReAction Figures

Funko Super7 SDCC Alien Egg

From Super7 x Funko come the Alien Deep Space Mystery ReAction Figures. Debuting at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 at the Super7 Booth #5245, the mysterious Alien Egg contains an extremely limited, secret ReAction Figure. Hidden in these eggs are new sculpts and colors never before seen in the Alien universe. Once opened, the egg doubles as an action figure stand featuring a foot-peg to pose your ReAction Figure.

It will be limited to four eggs per person for the entirety of SDCC. You'll be able to pick them up for $25.00 each.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer ReAction Figures

Funko ReAction Buffy Spike
Funko ReAction Buffy Buffy

I wear the fact that I never saw an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer as a badge of honor. Especially odd for someone who attends yearly Comic Cons. I blame it on two things: it aired during my college years, and I've never been into the vampire mythos. 

But if you were a fan of the WB/UPN show, then you'd likely be interested in the Funko x Super7 Buffy the Vampire Slayer ReAction figure line. The six figures included in the series are: Spike; Buffy Summers; Willow Rosenberg; Daniel "Oz" Osbourne; Gentleman; Angel.

Funko ReAction Buffy Willow
Funko ReAction Buffy Oz
Funko ReAction Buffy Gentleman
Funko ReAction Buffy Angel