Co-Curator: Tara Nakashima Donahue (also Vs the Bad Guys)
Toy Submission: Senbazuru (1000 paper cranes)

1. Where are you originally from?
New York City, United States

2. Who is your favorite artist (any artist, any medium)?
Mashiko - sculptor, silkscreen, book artist, medallic artist, curator, gallery owner

3. What was your favorite toy line as a child?
Paper balloons from Japan

4. What's your most prized collectible?
Original LUTHER comic strip by Brumsic Brandon, Jr., dated 11/23/1971

5. What was the last film you watched?
The Conversation

6. Do you unbox and display or keep MIB (mint in box)?
Unbox and display

7. What was the last book you read?
Shadowshaper by Daniel José Older

8. Star Trek or Star Wars?

9. What motto/creed do you try to live by?
If not now, when?

10. What was the inspiration behind the piece that you produced for the Aim, Destroy, Transform: Play for Change toy show?
My contribution of senbazuru - 1000 paper cranes - will be folded over the course if the exhibit and was inspired in several ways. Growing up with a Japanese mother, origami was an important part of my childhood. Folding patterns exercised imaginations, and taught me to value patience, process, and memory. It taught me that practice becomes skill, and that through stillness, deliberate movements can yield results.