3A Toys is releasing their Die Antwoord Cookie Thumper ¥olandi 1/6th scale collectible figure. The 10-inch tall figure will be available tonight (November 25th 2016) at 9PM ET. This is the second ¥olandi figure (from the band - Die Antwoord) that we've seen from 3A - this time in a school girl outfit. It will be available to purchase at Bambaland for $140.00 and expected to begin shipping around Q2 of 2017.

The Die Antwoord Cookie Thumper ¥olandi features the following:

  • School uniform Dress and Shirt set
  • School Bag
  • Bikini top with Panties
  • Head-covering bag ( you can make a Dancing Bag Head yo )
  • ¥olandi style Interchangeable hands x 3 sets
  • ¥olandi style sneakers


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