Miscreation Toys and Toy Art Gallery have announced the pre-order details for the 14-inch tall Cestoda. Featuring over 10 points of articulation, the Cestoda will be available in both Charcoal Gray and Unpainted Red versions. The pre-order for these two figures runs until Thursday July 2nd 2015. They're priced at $175.00 each.

Here's the Cestoda's backstory as told by Jeremi Rimel from Miscreation Toys:

A blue whale is found beached near Santa Monica Pier. During the necropsy a giant creature emerges from the whale carcass carrying a brood of eggs clustered on its hulking back. It can use any living thing as a host, piercing into them with its spiky tail and inserting eggs. And now it has humans for incubation vessels. The military step in to contain the infected zones and hunt down the rapidly growing creature. But the monster is resilient. It has large sharp claws and the glands within its tail spray a potent, foul slime that induces a paralyzing effect. Bullets pierce the creature's segmented cuticle flesh to little or no effect. The military attempt to capture it with more advanced weaponry. Marine biologists nickname the creature “Cestoda” as it's biological traits resemble those found in tapeworm parasites. They theorize the invasive species originated deep within the Earth and was introduced to the sea following a recent earthquake that rocked the coast of northern California. They believe the beached whales fed upon deep sea creatures that were infested with the parasite. While the military tracks Cestoda, scientists race to discover a solution and stop the spread of the parasite. If they fail, Earth will eventually be purged of every living creature- including mankind!


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