Uglydoll Gund

So here is the big press release everyone will be (or already is) talking about. GUND, a company that has been producing plush toys for over 100 years, has been licensed to produce the Uglydoll plush line.

What will it all mean? Read the release below...

Edison, NJ - June 8, 2012

Pretty Ugly™, LLC shifts emphasis to focus on licensing.

EDISON, NJ, (June 7, 2012) - GUND®, maker of the world's most huggable plush, announced today it has signed a licensing deal with Pretty Ugly™, LLC to make UGLYDOLL® branded plush characters. GUND, the plush division of Enesco LLC, will begin selling and shipping UGLYDOLL plush products to current and new retail customers worldwide this summer, while Pretty Ugly, LLC will focus its efforts on expanding licensing programs across multiple product categories for the UGLYDOLL brand.

"After 10 years of building UGLYDOLL into an evergreen brand, we have decided to shift from manufacturing and selling products directly, to focus our efforts on building the brand and continuing the expansion of UGLYDOLL licensing programs across new and existing categories," said Alita Friedman, Partner and Chief Brand Officer at Pretty Ugly. "We are excited to have GUND as our newest licensing partner for the core plush dolls and continuing the business that we began. Given GUND's long tradition as a leader in soft toys, we expect GUND to expand the UGLYDOLL plush business with new products and broader distribution."

"Cute, funny and huggable, UGLYDOLL characters are a perfect addition to the GUND portfolio of soft toy brands that delight consumers around the world," said GUND President Bruce Raiffe. "We recognize the tremendous job that retail customers have done merchandising this brand for a decade, and will work closely with the Pretty Ugly team to insure a smooth product transition."

The UGLYDOLL line was first launched in January 2001. Created by artists David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, who started with a drawing of a playful orange character known as Wage™, the line has grown into an entire universe of characters, stories and products for all ages. The brand is distinguished by an aesthetic that balances traditional cuteness with perceived ugliness.

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