You Best Obey Shepard Fairey

I will start off by saying this will probably be the only time I ever embed a video from TMZ on the site. With that being said, I saw this video a few days ago and thought it was too funny (sad?) not to post. It's of Shepard Fairey being outed by his wife...outed as in he hasn't been an active graffiti artist for many years. Really? Is that news to anyone?

But his reaction is what really catches you off guard. Is it me, or is this one of the most uncomfortable videos you've ever seen?

4 thoughts on “You Best Obey Shepard Fairey

  1. Nope. Not awkward at all. It wasnt her place to say that. As far as I can tell HIS income is feeding BOTH of them, so why would she come out of pocket like that? Nobody was even tyalking to her lol.

    Im not now nor have I EVER been a Shepard Fairey fan, but as far as “artist secrets” go — Ive been in that situation and its infuriating to have friends/girlfriends put you on front street only to have people look at YOU like YOU’RE the asshole.

    Imagine if Adam Hughes’ wife came out, when nobody was even talking to her, and blurted out about how he’s been using live models for his art for the past 20 years… with him standing there with his mouth wide open.

    She shouldve known not to say anything. He culled that right away so that kind of shit doesnt happen again. I woudlve waited until we were away from the cameras maybe… but I don’t fault him for what he did.

    1. The first question I would have for you edelillus is….are you married? Because I think married and unmarried people might have different viewpoints of the video….maybe.

      Fairey just showed a total lack of respect for his wife. Not only to chew her out in public, but to humiliate her in front of the cameras of the biggest paparazzi show/site in the nation. Have that conversation in private, not for millions of people to see.

  2. Lack of respect for his wife… ok, we can sort of agree on that. HOWEVER – are HIS actions negating HER total disrespect for him and his business? You don’t think that was humiliating for HIM to have HER chime in as she did?

    Regardless if it is unspoken/common knowledge that he (and many other graffiti street artists) has a street team that does his dirty work or not; when I look at this video I see her pretty much setting the tone and him acting accordingly.

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