Skelanimal Qee Artist Series 2

toy2r SKEL2 V2

Toy2R has revealed the next series of artist 2.5" Skelanimal Qees. This round features designs by Voltaire, Lunabee, Pocket Wookie, Albert Art, Nick Z, and PO! (Patricio Oliver) as well as classic editions of the Skelanimal characters DAX, Jack and Kit. Look for these to begin hitting the US shores soon.

toy2r SKEL2 AlbertArt toy2r SKEL2 Lunabee toy2r SKEL2 V 1a toy2r SKEL2 PW2 toy2r SKEL2 PW 1a toy2r SKEL2 PO1 toy2r SKEL2 NZ toy2r SKEL2 CORE

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