Shocker Toys – The Tick and Madman

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Shocker Toys has announced that The Tick and Mucus Tick action figures are currently in stock (who said they were vaporware?). They'll run $24 and $27 respectively (including shipping). Shocker has also given collectors a sneak preview of an upcoming Indie Spotlight figure - comic hero, Madman. Madman will come in an Indie Spotlight 2-pack with Captain Action.

shocker madman

3 thoughts on “Shocker Toys – The Tick and Madman

  1. He got out the figs that had underwriters breathing down his neck.

    Oh and what’s this? More “prototypes” just in time for Toyfair? Where I have I seen this trick before?
    Right, right…every year Gooff Wreckett goes to Toy Fair.

    How are those “summer” exclusives coming? Gonna get them out before NEXT SUMMER? LMAO.
    I’m sure right before SDCC Geoff will crap out some small run lame looking fig with sloppy paint apps…like Madman up there…just in time to collect more pre-order money.

    That madman is crap. No hair? I know we’ll hear some lame excuse about how this is his first costume and somehow better. But that’s not the iconic Madman.

    That’s a quick and dirty mock up on a stock body so Geoff can pretend there is progress on something.

  2. Oh wait…I was wrong. That Madman isn’t sloppy paint! It’s sloppy Photoshop!!

    LMAO!! Oh god, Geoff how do you sleep at night?

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