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4 New Prints from The Poster Cause Project

pcp Pizza face
pcp the calm

The Poster Cause Project has dropped four new posters, each from a different artist. Shown above are the posters from Triclops Studios (Pizza Face) and Adam Chang (The Calm). The 12" x 18" Pizza Face poster is limited to 50 prints and selling for $25.00, while The Calm (12" x 18") is limited to only 25 pieces and available for $20.00.

The two prints shown below are from Mary Spring (The Sample) and AW177 (Koi). Both prints measure in at 12" x 18", are limited runs of 25 pieces and are available for $20.00 each.

pcp thesample
pcp koi



@plasticandplush Thanks for the post. You hitting up Toy Fair this year? They’re trying to drag me in again. I’m on the fence about it.


@ArgonautResins I think I’m out this year. The regular job will start getting busy around then, so the next one will probably be SDCC


@plasticandplush Ahh okay. Just checking to see so I wouldn’t miss you IF I went.

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