While the title uses a rather generic 'plastic" title, we are basically talking about vinyl and resin figures under what is probably our biggest award category.  It was difficult to select only ten pieces, and while I'm sure not everyone will agree with all of these picks...here they are.

10. Tofu the Vegan Zombie (Applehead Factory)
Even though we were a little hesitant about this little zombie with the soy bean brain at first, the character and the figure are lots of fun.  Now, if he could just stand without the base.


9. Bumrush (Dynomight NYC & ESC-Toy)
He has man boobs and is in his skivvies...of course he'd wear a bag over his head. The crazy, unique look of the face drawn on that bag is what we love.


8. Immigrant Billy (Jure Gavran)
Is this figure trying to make people aware of racial stereotypes or is it making fun? We're not sure, but the vinyl figure has a hollow stomach for storage and a killer design.


7. BLOC28 Mickey Mouse (Span of Sunset x Disney)
Over the years, we've seen a ton of vinyl Mickey Mouse figures.  But this blocky figure gives a stylized look to the cartoon icon.  Plus, it comes packaged with a very cool baseball hat.


6. Night Gamer (Plaseebo)
This rotocast vinyl from designer Bob Conge has a motion activated LED inside of it.  So you shake, and watch for the trippy colors.  Oh...and the little alien brainsucker is eerily cute.


5. Jumping Brain (Emilio Garcia)
Emilio Garcia's resin figure is equally apprecietd by aspiring neurosurgeons as well as toy collectors. And it was our choice for the best sculpted figure.


4. Killa Instinct (BIC Plastics)
This figure brought the designer toy movement back to its urban vinyl days. The spray paint can that's exploding out of the piece's back epitomizes that look.


3. Tricycle Terror (Scott Tolleson)
This resin figure, based on Scott Tolleson's original artwork, is one of our favorite resin pieces...ever. And with news of more characters in the line, we're giddy.


2. Muraida Radioactive Edition (ESC-Toy)
Urban vinyl meets kaiju in this mashup of styles.  Erick Scarecrow's melting spraypaint can monster makes us long for the days of silly string.


* WINNER* 1. Zog (Strangekiss)
David Lanham's marshmallow eating creature might look simple at first.  But we still can't put down this this monster of a rotocast vinyl piece.

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