Here's our last and biggest category...the Vinyl Toy of the Year.  The competition was brutal.  Dogs and cats living together...mass hysteria!  Now, what was I saying?  We narrowed down our list to only 10 vinyl figures from the last year.  It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

#10. Mellow from Wheaty Wheat Studios


Wheaty Wheat has introduced us to the first two characters from Christopher Lee's series of figures - The Urbanites.  Mellow might be simple looking, but he was one of the most popular figures of '07.

#9. Liberty from Kaching Brands



Erick Scarecrow's Liberty vinyl figure gave a graffiti-like spin to America's symbol of freedom.  While there were a number of colorways, we chose the traditional look.

#8. Hell's Proprietor from Dark Horse



Glenn Barr's giant bug shows us that Dark Horse is serious about producing quality vinyl figures at an affordable price.

#7. Combat Mod Squad Titus from Rocket World


Patrick Ma tweaked his Titus sculpt to fit on their newest ride - an Italian style scooter.  We like the new sculpt a little better than the original...and plus, you get that cool scooter.

#6. Skullboy from Dark Horse


"What?!", you might be saying.  That's right, we're choosing this fun little figure from Dark Horse as one of our favorites.  It sort of flew under the radar, but it's nice, simple, clean and affordable.

#5. Happy Beaver from Jeff Pidgeon


This self-funded figure from Pixar artist Jeff Pidgeon gives us a retro cartoon feel.  It's always great when a big-time toy collector  can produce his very own figure.

#4. Legend of Plaseebo from Plaseebo Custom


Who can forget the baby doll mummy in the sarcophagus?  It either really creeped you out  or made you think "brilliant!"  We love this unique figure.

#3. Drinking Luey from STRANGEco


Bob Dob's iconic figure was transformed into rotocast vinyl and released in two different colorways (three figures each).  Since we had to choose one of the characters, I went with the Drinking Luey.

#2. Seamour Sheep Illuminative Edition from Crazy Label


Metin Seven's comic character was released in the original colorway, but out favorite is the Illuminative Edition.  You can plug it into a USB port and it lights up the room using LEDs.  Amazing!

#1. Bossy Bear from Toy2R - WINNER!!


David Horvath's newest hit character is a little blue bear who believes everything is his.  It launched a book from Hyperion as well as vinyl figures (in varying sizes) from Toy2R.  Mine!

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