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Fools Paradise – Sand K.troop at Coin Rides Game #1


Fools Paradise is now taking pre-orders for their latest figure - the Sand K.troop at Coin Rides Game #1. That pre-order window is open through September 8th 2015, with the figures being made to order. They're anticipated to begin shipping in Q4 of 2015. The figure, made of vinyl, PVC, and ABS, measures around 12-inches in height. It features Fools' scantily-clad lady Stormtrooper riding a coin operated dewback. You can pre-order one now for $269.00 plus $20.00 for Global EMS Shipping.

Shadow Keikotrooper (BAIT exclusive)


Fools Paradise has announced the Shadow Keikotrooper (BAIT exclusive). The nearly 12-inch tall hand-painted and hand-crafted resin figure is currently available to pre-order, with an anticipated shipping date in August 2015. This version looks very similar to some of the other Keikotroopers. does appear to be a half naked female Stormtrooper. This variant is limited to 50 pieces being available via Fools. You can pre-order one for $219.00 ( plus $20.00 Global EMS Shipping ).

Fools Paradise – Floating Bull


Fools Paradise is currently taking pre-orders for their Floating Bull collectible. The limited edition hand-crafted resin approximately 12-inches in height. As far as looks like the figure might be wearing a pair of Jordans. And MJ did play on the Bulls. But I forget the portion of his career when half of his body was eaten away by a flesh eating disease.

The pre-order window will close on July 18th 2015, with the figure estimated to begin shipping in Q4 of 2015. You can go ahead and pre-order one now for $239.00 ( Including Global EMS Shipping ).

Fools Paradise – Earthman


Earthman is the newest figure available from the folks at Fools Paradise. The pre-order window is now open, with that window closing on May 20th 2015. The 12-inch tall figure is handcrafted and hand painted. It's made of resin and features a PVC skeleton. As this is a pre-order, the finished figures are estimated to begin shipping in Q3 of 2015. You can pre-order one now for $239.00 (including Global EMS Shipping).

Jango Keiko – Mintyfresh Exclusive


The 12th installment in the Keiko series by Fools Paradise is their 2nd exclusive with Mintyfresh. The Jango Keiko - Mintyfresh Exclusive is a 12-inch tall polystone resin figure. It's limited to a run of only 100 pieces and can be pre-ordered for €199.95 (around $251). While it's a pre-order, the figure is estimated to arrive in December 2014 (though I might not bet your Christmas gifts on it getting to you for the big day).

Journey to the West – Wu Kong


Fools Paradise has opened the pre-order window for their newest figure - Journey to the West - Wu Kong. The pre-order period closes on December 10th 2014, with the final handcrafted figures being shipped in the 1st Quarter of 2015. The nearly 12-inch tall hand-painted resin figure will run $299.00 ( Including Global EMS Shipping ). It's the first in a series of figures from Journey to the West, a traditional Chinese novel. The base of the next figure, Tang-priest, will combine with Wu Kong to produce a scene.