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Manchester United Sixth Scale 2013/14 Home Kit Pre-Order

Fools Paradise ManU

Fools Paradise presents the Manchester United 1:6 Art Edition 2013/14 Home Kit figures - now available to pre-order via their site. This pre-order window closes on June 7th 2014. This Art Edition was designed by Fools Paradise, produced and manufactured by ZCWO, and is an officially licensed Manchester United product.

Four ManU players are currently  available to pre-order: David De Gea (in goalkeeper gear); Ryan Giggs; Wayne Rooney; Rio Ferdinand.

Each figure is available for $110.00 plus $20.00 global shipping. Or you can pick up the set of four figures for $498.00. They are slated to begin shipping in Q3 of 2014. (Yep...I already picked one up)

Fools Paradise ManU Giggs 1
Fools Paradise ManU Giggs 3
Fools Paradise ManU Giggs 2
Fools Paradise ManU Rooney 1
Fools Paradise ManU Rooney 3
Fools Paradise ManU Rooney 2
Fools Paradise ManU Ferdinand 1
Fools Paradise ManU Ferdinand 3
Fools Paradise ManU Ferdinand 2
Fools Paradise ManU De Gea 1
Fools Paradise ManU De Gea 3
Fools Paradise ManU De Gea 2

K2-D2 J.P.Toys Exclusive Edition: K2-Q5

FP K2 Q5 1

The K2-D2 J.P.Toys Exclusive Edition (K2-Q5) is now available to pre-order from Fools Paradise. Limited to only 99 pieces worldwide (only 50 pieces available from Fools Online), these are slated to begin shipping in May 2014. You can pre-order one now for $239.00 (including globalEMS). And fill your need for half-naked-lady-droid-R2-D2 action.

FP K2 Q5 4
FP K2 Q5 3
FP K2 Q5 2

Fool’s Paradise – Confession Set

Fools Paradise Confesion 1

In what is likely to be their most controversial art piece to date, Fools Paradise has opened the pre-order window (closing March 21st 2014) for their Confession Set. Slated to ship beginning in the third quarter of 2014, these handcrafted pieces can be purchased for $498.00 (includes shipping).

The set stands about 17"in height at the tallest point. Yeah...that would be the half-naked, crucified Stormtrooper girl. It's quite surprising that the suicide lightsaber bear Darth Vader half-naked girl isn't the most shocking element of this piece. Go ahead and discuss.

Fools Paradise Confesion 3
Fools Paradise Confesion 2

K3KO J.P.Toys Exclusive Edition

Fools KEKO JP Toys 1

Fools Paradise has announced pre-order details for their K3KO J.P.Toys Exclusive Edition. Currently available to pre-order for $239.00 (including global EMS), this version is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide. The nearly 12" tall resin figure is expected to begin shipping this month (October 2013). Oh...and any resemblance to a half-naked female C-3PO with bear ears is completely coincidental.

Fools KEKO JP Toys 2
Fools KEKO JP Toys 3

Fools Paradise – K3KO

Fools Paradise K3KO 1
Fools Paradise K3KO 4

Fools Paradise has announced their latest work - K3KO. Beginning at Noon today (July 1st 2013), the figure will be available to pre-order. The pre-order price will be set at $239.00 (including global EMS).

Each 12" tall resin K3KO will be made to order, as they're all handcrafted pieces and limited. They're slated to begin shipping around the 4th Quarter of 2013.

Fools Paradise K3KO 2
Fools Paradise K3KO 3

Mintyfresh Exclusive Battle-Damaged Keiko Trooper Pre-Order

Keiki Trooper Battle Damaged 1

The Mintyfresh Exclusive Battle-Damaged Keiko Trooper (from Fools Paradise) will be released for pre-order today (February 1st 2013) at 10AM ET over at Mintyfresh. The 12-inch tall polystone resin figure will be limited to a run of 200 pieces. It will run you €199.95 (including tax) which ends up being around $272.

Keiki Trooper Battle Damaged 2

The Illusion of Depressing Love

Fools The Illusion of Depressing Love 1

Fools Paradise has released pre-order details about their The Illusion of Depressing Love figure (I'd probably say more of a statue due to the complexity).

Is to restore Keiko illusionize herself expressing her true feeling of LOVE at the moment when she die. A very contradiction character, a romantic in black.

Fools The Illusion of Depressing Love 3

This is their first crossover project with ZCWO, who improved the quality of the original sculpt. This handcrafted pieces is made of fiberglass and ABS plastic with magnets. It's quarter-scale, standing around 20.5" in height. Limited to only 200 pieces, and expected to ship in the 1st quarter of 2013, you can pre-order The Illusion of Depressing Love for $719.00 ($769 if you want to upgrade to EMS speed post).

Fools The Illusion of Depressing Love 2
Fools The Illusion of Depressing Love 4