8 Inch Tall Designer Qees

Toy2R has released the lineup of their 8" tall Qee designs from the upcoming Designer Collection (inspired by the upcoming Designer Series 6 Collection of 2.5″ Qees).

qee garcia

First up is the Brain Pattern Qee Bear design from Jumping Brain creator Emilio Garcia. This tasty looking bear is limited to only 500 pieces worldwide.

qee kaiser

One of our favorite artists - Jon Paul Kaiser - will be releasing the 8" tall Zombie Pirate Qee Bear. This black and white styled design will be limited to a run of only 500 pieces worldwide.

qee niark1

Parisian artist Niark1 will be recreating one of his custom figures for all in releasing the Oh No! 9" Bunee Qee. Like the other two, this design will be limited to 500 pieces worldwide.

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