Heathrow the Holiday Hedgehog Set

Maqet has released their Heathrow the Holiday Hedgehog Set. Frank Kozik’s Heathrow the Hedgehog gets all decked out with a set of antlers. The set includes two Plastin figures. A … Read More

Scott Tolleson x MAQET

MAQET has partnered with Scott Tolleson to release his original Nosellots series as exclusive Plastin characters. Making the transition from plush to Plastin, the first character to be released is … Read More

MAQET’s Japanese Schoolgirls

MAQET has announced the release details for their Japanese Schoolgirls. Today (September 9th 2011) at 9:00AM PT (Noon ET) you’ll be able to pick up Hedwig, Schoen and Bjork. Hedwig … Read More

MAQET’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

MAQET’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Yosiell Lorenzo were quickly snapped up at his recent Bedtime Stories art opening. However, MAQET is now releasing an ultra limited edition of … Read More

Patchwork Dankeschoen from Maqet

Patchwork Dankeschoen is a new design from Shin and Nao, and a new collectible from MAQET. Beginning this afternoon (August 4th 2011) Patchwork Dankeschoen will be available in a limited … Read More