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REVIEW: Cinema of Fear Freddy Krueger



Mezco Toyz released the second series of Cinema of Fear roto plush characters with a trio of horror film legends.  Leatherface, Jason Vorhees and Freddy Krueger are all represented in this series.

We’ll be looking at the Freddy Krueger roto plush.  This plush is designed as Freddy from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.



The plush might come in a clear plastic bag…or not.  It al depends on where you purchase it.  No big deal, though.  Since this is a plush, there is no need for packaging.  It does have an attached tag.

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Emergency Response Team with P90


To compliment their male military action figure, Hot Toys has revealed their U.S. Secret Service - Emergency Response Team (ERT) with P90 1:6 scale figure.  All decked out in a detailed uniform, the 12" tall figure includes a ton of accessories and weapons.

Uniform: Tactical Jacket, Body Armor, Tactical Vest, Police BDU, Tactical Belt and Cap
Accessories: Handmic, Radio w/ Pouch, Flight Gloves, Assault Boots, Flashlight w/ Pouch,
Pistol Magazine Pouch, Gas Mask Pouch, Sunglasses and Patch
Weapons: P90, M9 Pistol w/ Holster and Ankle Knife


Stumpy by Tang Mu


O's Halloween?  Well, to celebrate the occasion, you could always go ahead and print out one of these free paper toys from Tang Mu.  You can download the Zombie Arm and the Boney Arm.

Vladimir Goes On Sale


They're he-er!!!  Jared Deal and Argonaut Resins' Vladimir goes on sale in the Argonaut shop today at 12 noon EST.  And since it is Halloween they've prepared a special treat for you.  In addition to the 10 handpainted Vlad figures, they will also be offering #'s 11-13 which are cast in a transparent red resin. 

The 3 red Vlads will be packaged in special white coffin display boxes, as opposed to the black coffins all of the others are packed in.  Every Vlad comes complete with a signed certificate by both Jared Deal (designer) an Eric Nocella Diaz (sculptor). 


The price on the standard colorway is $70 (plus shipping) and for the fancy clear red resin you'll have to pay a bit more at $100 (plus shipping).  Look for more from Argonaut Resins and Jared Deal in the near future.


Toy Break Episode 53: Huell Howser


Toy Break Episode 53, entitled Huell Howser, is now online for your viewing pleasure.Is there a better way to use your lunch hour?  No!  (I'll just answer that for you)

Join us for Doolie Boxes from Anna Chambers, Daemos and Sectara from Sucklord, toy safety talk, all the usual fun, and more!

Lil’ Bluey (Tuey) Resin


AdHouse Books has released their first designer toy.  The limited edition Lil' Bluey (Tuey) resin figure is from artist Tesselate.  The figure is limited to a run of 50 pieces and win run $25 each.

Two New Devil Dogs


Osaka Popstar will release two new limited edition Devil Dog vinyls at their upcoming (October 31st) OP Devil Dog Art Show at The Showroom Gallery NYC.

The Skeleton Suit Devil Dog comes in its black and white fireball-bones suit and is produced in a limited edition of 200 pieces.  The variant Candy Corn edition (only 100 pieces) comes with orange, yellow and white striped Candy Corn horns on its head.  Each vinyl stands approximately 6" tall
and features an articulated head, tail and arms with a removable pitchfork


The Treasure of Cap’n Rotoclaw


STRANGEco has just announced a special added feature to the new
Cap'n Rotnclaw and Keel Haul Cleg figures by Greg "Craola" Simkins.

Each figure is packed with a special treasure
map - The Treasure of Cap'n Rotoclaw.  Most maps will be branded with the words Avast and Take Heed, but a
small number of maps state Ahoy and Gangway.  If you are one of the
lucky few whose map reads Ahoy and Gangway, you have won the treasure.

That treasure is a special limited edition giclee print of Cap'n Bristlebeard by
artist Greg Simkins.  Limited to only 25 prints, each one signed and
numbered by the artist and is printed on Somerset Velvet art paper. At
22 x 13.5 inches, this treasure also makes a great background for your
Rotnclaw figure.


Guardian 5 Sobot Custom


The newest custom Slobot is the Guardian 5 - a custom MAD*L for the recent MAD*L Citizens show that took place at LiFT Detroit.  The 10" tall MAD*L has a glow-in-the-dark chest light and wings.

Guardian 5 is a household protection robot, monitoring the perimeter of your house, keeping your wireless running, and keeping an eye on your dog when its outside.