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Hiveswap Byers Plush

From For Fans By Fans comes the Hiveswap Byers Plush from the video game Hiveswap. Byers - a pigeon - is a top agent and member of The Lone Gunbirds. Standing at 5 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide, the polyester plush will begin shipping in mid-June 2019. You can pre-order one for yourself, now, for $15.00.

House of the Rising Bun Paper Foldables

The guy I used to torture by calling him zombie back in high school band is back with another Paper Foldable. Bryan Green returns with the set of Paper Foldables he designed for "House of the Rising Bun", a website featuring Timmy the T-Rex and Loof the loaf of bread.'s the unlikely friendship and pairing of baked goods and the tyrant lizard. 

Head on over to House of the Rising Bun, where you can print out your own Paper Foldables templates. And be sure to check out all of their other the Loot plush.

Mr. Poopy Butthole Paper Foldable

Bryan from Paper Foldables has created this new promo piece of Mr. Poopy Butthole from Adult Swim's Rick and Morty. If you've not checked out the Carton Network show, you really should. Unless you're a youngster...then it might be a little too "mature" (or immature) for you.

You can download your own Mr. Poopy Butthole template here. Go download, print it, fold it, and put it together. 

Amy Lee – Dream Too Much Paper Foldables

Bryan of Paper Foldables fame has produced these paper - well - foldables for Amazon Music to promote Amy Lee's children's album, Dream Too Much. They are based on characters from the music videos that are all made with paper craft. If you want to download the templates to create your own, head over to Paper Foldables here.

Dr. Wily Paper Foldable

Bryan from Paper Foldables has created a new foldable of Mega Man's arch-nemesis - Dr. Wily. You can check out his personal take on the character of Dr. Wily below...and you can download the PDF of the Paper Foldable here. Stock up on high-quality paper stock.

When I played Mega Man 2 as a kid, I couldn't figure out how to beat him! I swear I tried EVERY weapon, but had to write to Nintendo Power for help. They sent me a letter back saying to keep trying, so I gave it one more spin and *SPOILER ALERT* I finally defeated him with the BUBBLE gun! Dr. Wily would fly around in a flying saucer, busting Mega Man's chops throughout the game, so I included that as well for Wily to fit in!

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Paper Foldable

Bryan from Paper Foldables has created this Mike Tyson Paper Foldable based on the champ from the classic NES game - "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!". This one will clearly be easier to beat than the version in the video game. Heck...I couldn't get past Von Kaiser. Go ahead and load up your printer with some high quality paper and head over here to download the PDF file.

Cuphead and Mugman Paper Foldables

StudioMDHR has released papercraft figures based on the main characters from their upcoming video game - Cuphead. The Cuphead and Mugman Paper Foldables are produced by Bryan Green of Paper Foldables. You can download the designs from the StudioMDHR link above.

And if you like cartoons from the 1930's and 40's...just check out the trailer for this game. Cuphead will be coming to Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam (2 of 3 I do not have) beginning in Mid-2017.

2016 Presidential Paper Foldables


Paper Foldables is letting you print out, fold, and put together your own 2016 presidential candidate. So whether you're voting for Clinton or Trump (sorry third party supporters), you'll be able to make your own Paper Foldable. Or maybe make the one you don't like and squash it.

Halloween III Magic Pumpkin TV Set Paper Foldable


Bryan from Paper Foldables is celebrating Halloween with a Paper Foldable from the movie - Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

Excited kids everywhere buy the popular Silver Shamrock brand Halloween masks and are asked to tune in on Halloween for the big giveaway! Unbeknownst to them, the Silver Shamrock company is actually a Gaelic cult and have placed a piece of Stonehenge in a computer chip in each of the masks and when the poor kiddies tune in to watch the flashing magic pumpkin, they are going to die and have all sorts of bugs and snakes come out of their heads! Can Tom Atkins stop it??? Happy Halloween!!!

You can download the template for the Halloween III Magic Pumpkin TV Set here:

DCON14: Overlords of the Desert


Aaron Childs (Overlords of the Desert) will be bringing the above pictured robotic bear sculptures to Designer Con 2014, where he'll be selling them at his booth (#226). They are made out of cardboard and tacky glue, and each one features a spray paint base coat and are then hand painted. The sculptures measure about 9 inches tall. They'll be available to purchase at the show for $200.00 each.