They're he-er!!!  Jared Deal and Argonaut Resins' Vladimir goes on sale in the Argonaut shop today at 12 noon EST.  And since it is Halloween they've prepared a special treat for you.  In addition to the 10 handpainted Vlad figures, they will also be offering #'s 11-13 which are cast in a transparent red resin. 

The 3 red Vlads will be packaged in special white coffin display boxes, as opposed to the black coffins all of the others are packed in.  Every Vlad comes complete with a signed certificate by both Jared Deal (designer) an Eric Nocella Diaz (sculptor). 


The price on the standard colorway is $70 (plus shipping) and for the fancy clear red resin you'll have to pay a bit more at $100 (plus shipping).  Look for more from Argonaut Resins and Jared Deal in the near future.


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