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2010 GTA: Vinyl Toy Of The Year

It feels like vinyl took a backseat to resin in 2010. Maybe it was the sheer number of different resin figures that were released, but it felt like there were a fewer big name vinyl releases in 2010. But there were still several great vinyl pieces released last year...including these 5.

ollie twitterrific vinyl

5. Ollie the Twitterrific Bird (Strangekiss)
I use Twitter and have a Mac...but just can't get in to using Twitterrific. They definitely have the best mascot out of all the various Twitter clients. That might be because it was designed by artist David Lanham.

toy story cosbaby buzz vinyl

4. Buzz Lightyear Series M Cosbaby (Hot Toys)
I guess Toy Story 3 was one of the bigger Hollywood blockbuster films to be released in 2010. And while it spawned a number of toy lines, our favorite was Hot Toys' new - much larger - Cosbaby Series M. While there were three Toy Story characters released, we just had to go with Buzz Lightyear.

iwg affonso vinyl

3. Commander Affonso (Rocket World)
Commander Affonso comes from Rocket World's Star Trek themed Star fleet IWG series. Dressed in his light blue suit, it was clear that Affonso the Rhino was playing the role of Spock. I'm not a huge Star Trek fan, and Commander Affonso was probably my favorite IWG version released...ever.

onell rilleco chaos vinyl

2. Rilleco Chaos (Onell Design + Real x Head)
Onell and Real x Head released the purple and black Rilleco Chaos figure...and like pretty much everything the two drop, it quickly sold out. Just amazing quality and shows one of the many different directions that Onell has been venturing in lately.

esc wet suit maria vinyl

**WINNER** 1. Wet-Suit Maria (ESC-Toy)
After being teased via a truly entertaining short film/commercial, Erick Scarecrow dropped his Wet-Suit Maria original colorway on us. It was difficult determining just how this little girl in a frog suit was able to stand on one foot and not topple over (since plenty of roto vinyl does that). But we were treated to a great sculpt as well as a cute new character.

2010 GTA: Plush Toy of the Year

Plush lines range from handmade to large factory releases to limited edition runs. Comparing and contrasting all of them is difficult, but I think we have a good mix of the five best plushies that we reviewed in 2010. Check 'em out.

lubies blue jays plush

5. Toronto Blue Jays Lubies (Rocket USA)
I was trying to think of the best representative of the MLB Lubies series, and I kept coming back to the Toronto Blue Jays. (I'm an unbiased Phillies fan) It just shows how Rocket USA has expanded their Lubies line by adding new animals from their MLB Lubies seies.

riceroar plush

4. Riceroar (Noodoll)
UK-based Noodoll has quietly released some cute little plush creations. Our favorite is the super soft Riceroar, which combines a fun design with some great plush material.

ingri francis plush

3. Francis Love Bunny (House of Ingri)
The new plush line from Ingri Von Bergen brought us the tired looking Francis Love Bunny plush. All white, showing off a little red heart...Francis has one of the funniest expressions that we've seen on a plush character.

uglybot plush

2. Uglybot (Uglydolls)
David and Sun-Min have been a part of several of our end of the year toy award lists. The Uglybot is one of our favorite Uglydolls to be released over the past few years. I mean a robot plus an Uglydoll...

mr corn plush

**WINNER** 1. Mr. Corn (Anna Chambers)
Anna Chambers has been releasing some tasty plush creations over the last few years. Her Happy Green Apple made our list last year, and the Mr. Corn plush topped that. It's a fun concept that was transformed into a great looking plush.

2010 GTA: Male Articulated TOTY

As we wind down our look back at the year of 2010 in toys, we seemed to have reviewed a larger percentage of those highly articulated figures. (You can't really lump them all in as 1/6th scale as Tonner's figures are much larger) We've already looked at the ladies, so now it's time to look at our top 5 articulated male figures of the year past.

ht mars attacks artic

5. Mars Attacks - Martian Ambassador (Hot Toys)
You can't look at this figure without yelling "Ack! Ack! Ack!" Right? It might have been released several years after the movie, but Hot Toys Martian Ambassador shows off some of the company's advances in articulated figures (mainly the moving eyeballs). 

sideshow henry jones artic

4. Henry Jones Sr. (Sideshow Collectibles)
Sean Connery is one of those instantly recognizable actors...well, to anyone over the age of 30. Sideshow released Connery as Indiana Jones' pops (from The Last Crusade) and loaded him down with film specific accessories.

cobra officer artic

3. Cobra Officer (Sideshow Collectibles)
Growing up as a 3 3/4" G.I. Joe collector, I continue to follow and collect Sideshow's 1/6 scale Joe line. This past year saw the release of a number of classic characters in this larger size...and every single one of them came with an arsenal of weapons. It took me about 15 minutes to put all of the cartridges and guns in place on this Cobra Officer.

tonner flynn tron artic

2. Tron - Flynn (Tonner)
While I detailed the Jeff Bridges sculpt (or lack there of) in my review of Tonner's Flynn doll, it's all about the outfit. Tonner could have said this figure was one of the many random programs from Tron and it would have made this this same position.

hot toys t 1000 artic

**WINNER** 1. T-1000 (Hot Toys)
Hot Toys is beating up the 1/6th scale genre. For the most part, their sculpting work is the best around. This Robert Patrick sculpt is nearly flawless. And they (like Sideshow) live by the notion that there can never be too many accessories. If you have a blank body, you can create two T-1000's using all of the extras included with this figure.

2010 GTA: Female Articulated TOTY

The Female Articulated Toy of the Year category wasn't that difficult to narrow down, as we didn't really review that many 1/6th scale or above female figures this past year. And one company pretty much dominated the field.

tonner alice artic

5. Alice Kingsleigh (Tonner)
If you were going to collect Tonner's Alice in Wonderland, you probably would have wanted the title character from Tim Burton's film. While it's difficult comparing a sculpt to an unfamiliar actor/actress, the outfit is typical Tonner quality.

tonner arwen artic

4. Arwen Evenstar (Tonner)
From Tonner's Lord of the Rings license, this version of Liv Tyler as Arwen definitely could have made our best sculpted list. It also could have challenged for number 2 on this list...if they would have included the Evenstar pendant with the figure.

tonner red queen artic

3. The Red Queeen (Tonner)
I wasn't sure how the oversized head from Helena Bonham Carter's on-screen character would translate to doll form, but Tonner did go for a slightly larger head than usual...and it works. Of course, they couldn't go for freakishly large, or else you'd be constantly picking up your tipped over Red Queen.

jessica rabbit artic

2. Jessica Rabbit (Tonner)
I heard a mixed response from readers on Tonner's Jessica Rabbit TCF. Some didn't like the face sculpt or they didn't think she was..."busty" enough. I just love that 22 years after the movie release, Tonner could drop a Jessica Rabbit figure and get any response. (As a side's possibly one of my favorite female Tonner dolls)

ht sarah connor artic

**WINNER** 1. Sarah Connor (Hot Toys)'s just tough competing with Hot Toys when it comes to sculpting. I mean it looks just like Linda Hamilton. Then they add a cache of weapons and accessories that appear to be straight from the set of T2, and you have just an amazing collectible. Also, don't forget the rubber skin suit that hides the articulated joints. That really ups the realistic look of the Sarah Connor figure.

2010 GTA: Resin Toy of the Year

If I had to choose one trend that really went big in would have be resin. A number of artists released their own small run resin series (they're a lot cheaper than vinyl to make) and a number of companies went the resin route. I picked out five of the top resin figures that we had a chance to review over the past year. 

biting pear resin

5. Biting Pear (Patch Together)
The LOLWUT internet meme went from being a painting (The Biting Pear of Salamanca) to the whole meme thing to being a resin (and plush) toy. Patch Together has given us probably the creepiest addition to your holiday fruit basket.

voxer resin

4. Letters From LA: Voxer (U1 Toy Arts)
This piece put a slightly different spin on the graffiti tag. U1 Toy Arts' gave you three different ways to display the Voxer tag - on a stand, on the brick background, or simply the tag. 

pt acacia resin

3. Acacia "Bud" Budur (Patch Together)
Patch Together and Paul Taylor have brought several of his Wapsi Square characters to resin form. However, none of them really captured the illustrated characters from the strip as well as the Bud figure.

pt hell resin

2. Hell (Patch Together)
We already mentioned Patch Together's Hell figure in our best sculpt category. It's a little scary...a lot cute. And even though I'm not sure what the name has to do with this character, it's one of the better resin sculpts that we've seen.

tuttz jade resin

**WINNER** 1. Tuttz (Argonaut Resins)
Eric Nocella Diaz (Mr. Argonaut Resins) released his original series of ancient Egyptian inspired cats. In conjunction with various sites and several artists, he created a number of exclusive colorways and small run customs. This - plus the limited nature - kept the Tuttz line fresh and one of the most popular of 2010.

2010 GTA: Best Toy Line

How do we qualify what a "Toy Line" is? Well, you have to have multiple releases of the same series of figures. Not exactly blind boxed, as we've covered that already. But they need to be a strong cohesive group so that you're interested in collecting ALL of them.

mimobot star wars line

5. Star Wars Mimobots (Mimoco)
Mimoco really ramped up the release schedule for their Star Wars Mimobots. They've included several of the ancillary characters from both the original and "other" trilogies. This series also helps them continue to reinvent the shapes of their Mimobots.

iwg starfleet line

4. IWG Starfleet Series (Rocket World)
From Star wars to Star Trek, the first licensed series of Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo figures was released by Patrick Ma. It's quite possibly the best we've seen the original trio of animals. But will this be them going out on a high note?

tonner alice line

3. Alice in Wonderland TCFs (Tonner)
It's not often that a toy line is better than the film that inspired it...but that could be said for Tonner's Alice in Wonderland series (the Tim Burton Alice, that is). While they'll continue to launch figures in 2011, some of the characters we saw released in '10 - the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen - were some of the best Tonner figures we've seen to date.

onell glyos line

2. Glyos System Series (Onell Design)
What can you say about Onell's Glyos line? It continues to steadily grow in size and recognition. The past year saw a number of new characters released, including the Rig and several collabs with RealxHead. And they have a virtual army of customizers involved in creating amazing one-of-a-kind pieces.

mlb lubies line

**WINNER** 1. MLB Lubies (Rocket USA)
It's tough competing with the Major League Baseball license. Rocket USA's extremely popular Lubies line features softball-sized plushies - often in the shape of an animal associated with the team/city. These are perfect for the baseball fans out there. The MLB Lubies were one of the most collectible lines of 2010.

2010 GTA: Best Blind Box

Ahh...the blind box. Love them or hate them, there are plenty of blind box series out there. Most companies have their very own platform toy. Artists work their magic on the platform. The designs are often given various ratios and sometimes secret chase figures are included. But the main draw of the blind that you have no idea what figure/design you'll end up getting. It's the mystery!

jinny series zero blindbox

5. Jinny Series Zero (Bitbots)
Even though they're named Series Zero, this is the first Jinny series from UK-based Bitbots. Designed by artist Jats Gill, the blind box line features a new platform sculpt and designs from an entirely UK lineup.

floxy blindbox

4. Floxy Series 1 (Patch Together)
Using the platform designed by the artist Soma, the Floxy blind box series signified the first blind box release from Patch Together. They assembled a nice mix of established and up-and-coming artists as a part of this first series.

ht toy story cosbabies blindbox

3. Toy Story Cosbaby S (Hot Toys)
Toy Story 3 was one of the most popular films released in 2010, and Hot Toys released a pair of their Cosbaby series based on the film. The blind box mini series featured some of the most recognizable characters from the movie.

blankies blindbox

2. Blankie Series 1 (Aarting)
There's sort a theme going on here...a lot of first series blind box lines. The Blankie features an interesting new platform sculpt along with some great designs. And the printing quality on the vinyl is superb.

lunartik tea blindbox

**WINNER** 1. Lunartik in a Cup of Tea (Matt JOnes)
There are a lot of platform toys out there, but nothing that looks quite like Matt JOnes' Lunartik in a Cup of Tea series - a little figure emerging from a cup of tea that's sitting on a saucer. And the different color variants each have a tea flavor inspired name.

2010 GTA: Artist of the Year

Choosing only a handful of artists from a fairly large community of super talented folks might be the most difficult task I have in our Golden Toy Awards. Yet it must be here are five artists that really excelled over the past year.

madjoe artist

5. Mad Joe Customizer (Overkill Creations)
Even though he has customizer in his name...Mad Joe creates some killer original resin figures. Amazing sculpting work as well and crazy character designs are just the start of why MJC made our list. Yo!

esc artist

4. Erick Scarecrow (ESC-Toy)
The man behind ESC-Toy made our top five again this year. This is the 4th year in a row that he's done that. He has consistently impressed with small run resin pieces featuring new characters/sculpts as well as vinyl and plush.

matt doughty artist

3. Matt Doughty (Onell Design)
If you go to any of the conventions, you probably have seen Mr. Doughty. The really tall guy with a beard - wearing shorts - who's always turning Glyos parts into something crazy he just imagined up. Even though a lot of the artwork behind Onell is collaborative amongst a number of artists...Matt can accept this for all of them.

ashley wood artist

2. Ashley Wood (3A Toys)
Ashley Wood's paintings are amazing. Ashley Wood's paintings turned into 1/6th scale toys are even more amazing. Whether you fancy the World War Robot, Popbot or Adventure Kartel, Ashley and 3A have been killing it over the past year.

end artist

**WINNER** 1. Eric Nocella Diaz (Argonaut Resins)
I know it's arguable...but I think the past year has proven that END is one of the hardest working men in designer toys. The man IS Argonaut Resins. The last year has seen him release Tuttz, Kings of Atlantis, Sam Fout's Bone Ghost Agents, Destroyer...and I'm sure there are several other I missed. (Four years ago, Eric was recognized for his Buzz Carney sculpt)

2010 GTA: Customizer of the Year

While there's often crossover between "customizers" and "artists", customizers are the masters at taking a platform - any platform - and putting their artistic stamp on it. In a genre of art/collecting/toys that is constantly changing, it seems like many more artists are doing more customs. Here's our top 5 customizers from the past year.

jryu custom

5. J*RYU
No one really sculpts trees like J*RYU. 2010 was a big year for him as he produced a ton of quality customs. And is it me, or was he at every custom show this past year? In person and showing off a custom

viseone custom

4. VISEone
While I like his Tube Dunny line of customs, 2010 was all about VISEone's Comic Stripped series. Cutting up old school comics and adding it to painted and sculpted elements. It's something I had never seen before.

plaseebo custom

3. Bob Conge (Plaseebo)
The man from Plaseebo was at it again this year. He consistently produces some of the sickest customs I have ever seen. He really blurs the line between customizer, fine artist, electrician and small run toy producer. 

jpk custom

2. Jon Paul Kaiser
No one has ever done so much with black and white (except maybe Ben Franklin and his printing press). In a scene dominated by colors, Jon Paul Kaiser opts for the lack of color. It makes any custom piece he creates instantly recognizable.

matt walker custom

**WINNER** 1. Matt Walker (Dead Presidents Designs)
If you create your own paint line for must be doing something right. Matt Walker could apply his painting and pinstriping techniques to a rock and have it blow your mind. Truthfully, I have no idea how he gets some of the effects he does on his customs...but that's fine with me.

2010 GTA: Best Sculpting

Good sculpting spans across platform and material. Are you looking at a good facial sculpt? Is there a pose that stands out from the pack? Are the sculpting details just outstanding? Well, I think we've amassed all of those with these top 5 picks.

sideshow henry jones sculpt

5. Henry Jones, Sr. (Sideshow Collectibles)
I know a lot of folks whose favorite Indiana Jones film is The Last Crusade...all because of Sean Connery's portrayal of Henry Jones Sr. They might want to get their hands on Sideshow's version of the elder Jones as it's the best Connery face sculpt we've seen.

ht sarah connor sculpt

4. Sarah Connor (Hot Toys)
It's difficult having a best sculpting category and not include Hot Toys. Although Hot Toys really nails the Linda Hamilton facial sculpt (jaw and lips especially), they hit the piece up with a superb paint job.

esc wet suit maria sculpt

3. Wet-Suit Maria (ESC-Toy)
How does Erick Scarecrow's Wet-Suit Maria balance on one foot like that? We have no clue. But there's no doubting that this was the best sculpted vinyl figure that we reviewed this year.

pt hell sculpt

2. Hell (Patch Together)
A Patch Together resin ranked this high? Yep! Their Hell bunny is sculpted perfectly. The stance looks great (he's about ready to stomp on a flower) and the work on the face, ears and hair stand out from most resin work.

hot toys t 1000 sculpt

**WINNER** 1. T-1000 (Hot Toys)
Robert Patrick really wasn't a recognizable actor before Terminator 2 hit theaters. But his portrayal of the evil T-1000 bent on killing John Connor made his mug well-known. So what happens when Hot Toys gets their hands on a well-known actor? Well, 99% of the time, they hit the sculpt out of the so.