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Xarkax the Traveler from Mikie Graham

xarkax 1

Mikie Graham aka Zombiemonkie has completed his latest custom Blobpus. Named "Xarkax the Traveler", the vinyl piece has been hand painted and airbrushed by the artist.

The character's back story looks something like the following:

Forcing his way through the dimensional drift into our perceived reality, Xarlax the traveler moves amongst us unseen. Eyes sewn shut for eons, Xarlax has traveled his life in complete darkness. Perceiving the beauty of countless unknown worlds through mystical conduit of the crystal eyes embedded in his trusty human skull and only friend "Yorick."

xarkax 3
xarkax 2


Nolasco/Blamo Project Unveiling at NYCC 2010

brent nolasco blamo

The Brent Nolasco and Blamo resin project will be introduced at the Tenacious Toys booth (#2878) at the 2010 New York Comic Con. Brent, who wanted the process of making figures and products to be more of a fine art than mass production, took a more "hands on" approach to the creation of the first piece - Mijo (My Child).

First, the piece was sculpted by hand, something he had never done before. The figure consists of 6 pieces that are hand cast separately and then assembled Each piece has been hand painted by Brent so there are slight variations in each paint job.

The runs on these upcoming figures are going to be limited quantities. This one is only limited to 6 pieces, with each 5.5" tall resin figure selling for $300.

Legs by Lady Love T-Shirt & Print Set

LTD Tee Babs website email

The latest box set from LTD Tee is currently available for presale from September 27th until October 4th. The Legs - by Lady Love - T-Shirt & Print set are just what you need for your trip to the grocery store. You can pick these up for $27.99, with a 5% presale discount. And Plastic and Plush readers can save an additional 20% by using discount code plasticandplush.

The Legs Box Set includes:

• High quality, screen printed t-shirt
• 8.5” x 11” art print
• Certificate of authenticity
• Artist bio on the neck label
• LTD Tee Sticker pack
• Custom LTD Tee Box

Kings of Atlantis

argo KingsOfAtlantis

Hmmm...we've been given a teaser of the Kings of Atlantis project that's coming soon from END and Argonaut Resins. Supposedly, it will be dropping around Halloween 2010...just in time for Argonaut Resins' 2 year anniversary.

Aries Ram & the Ubermensch


The newest original painting from artist David Foox is “Aries Ram & the Ubermensch”. This 12" x 48" painting features acrylic, india ink on canvas. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but a lot of FOOX's recent work is astrology related.

E47 Art Customs

e47art alcon 2B
e47art hexapod 2A

Anderson Gin (E47 Art) creates handmade characters using random items from around his home. For instance, the A47 Reconnaissance Robot (above left) and the Hexapod Droid (above right) use Christmas ornaments as a part of the custom. Below, you can see the custom actually uses a child's alphabet block.

e47art blok ops bob 01

MAXX242 vs Jeff Soto BE@RBRICK Set


ZacPac has announced a new exclusive BE@RBRICK set: the MAXX242 vs Jeff Soto BE@RBRICK. Both artists belonged to the same graffiti crew and have been friends over 20 years.

The figure will be released on October 29th 2010 at the "MAXX242 vs Jeff Soto Invades Japan Tour Party". They'll also be releasing skatedecks designed by the painting...and much more.

You can currently pre-order the BE@RBRICK set for 2835yen (about $34.00) or the set and party ticket for 3100yen (about $37.00).

maxx jeff2
maxx jeff3

The Space Dragon Custom Munny

stranger munny 2

Holly from A Little Stranger has unveiled her latest custom Munny - The Space Dragon. She customized it using glow-in-the-dark polymer clay, hama beads, acrylic paint, taxidermy eyes, faux fur and many layers of UV protective matte varnish.

If you like it, you have the chance to pick up this custom. It's available on eBay, with an end date of October 1st 2010.

stranger munny 1

ClickforArt’s Limited Edition Cup & Saucer Series 2

artbig AbrahamObama

ClickforArt has released their Limited Edition Cup & Saucer Series 2. The three designs come from three different artists: Ron English (Abraham Obama), Jon Burgerman (In The Park) and Kozyndan (Sea Hares).

There are only 250 of each design worldwide with each set sequentially numbered and boxed alongside a signed print from the artist. These are a bone china cup & saucer made in Stoke-on-Trent, England. You can pick one up for £39.00 (about $62.00).

artbig 01052 13
artbig 01051 13

Making of Paul Shih’s JB

JB 05
JB 06

Paul Shih has a new resin toy coming out, although a release date and details have not yet been released. Named JB, Paul has posted two great "Making Of" blog posts detailing the resin figure from concept to completed piece. Check out Part 1 and Part 2.