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Kickstarter: Bull Crap & Holy Crap Plushies

Furry Feline Creative are looking to Kickstarter to produce two new plush characters - Bull Crap and Holy Crap. Continuing to run with the poop theme, Cheri and Alvin plan to mass produce these nearly 6-inch tall plush characters. The duo - or deuce - will be available at the $25.00 funding level (or $15 for only one number two). Those reward backing levels range all the way up to $500.00 or more.

This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Sunday April 14th 2019 at 7:03PM ET.

As I say with all Kickstarter projects I post about. Remember...this is not a pre-order. There are many instances of crowd funded projects that have been funded never making good on their promised goods. So back all Kickstarters with caution.

Slonkabot 1000-5YL

Artist Mike Slobot has released the latest figure into his universe of robot art - it's called Slonkabot 1000-5YL.

I like to think that I am the Willy Wonka of my Slobot universe, so I created a robot character inspired by the Ooompa Loompas in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" - except that my Slonkabots don't make chocolate, they help me make my robot art (The Slobots).

I have been creating my Slobots since 2004 in sculpture, paintings, drawings, and digital. Most of the sculptures are one of a kind works of art using old and new toys, odds and ends from my everyday life, and things that would normally be thrown away. A lot of them have glow-in-the-dark eyes and wires, like the Slonkabot 1000-5YL.

The one-off custom Slonkabot 1000-5YL, which uses a 8-inch KAWS Companion figure, can be purchased for $350.00.

Conan the Barbarian Deluxe Figure

Super7 has announced the pre-order availability of their Conan the Barbarian Deluxe Figure...straight off the pages of the original comics from the 1970's. Conan includes a spear, sword, dagger, and necklace accessories plus an alternate head. The Conan the Barbarian Deluxe Figure measures 7 inches tall and features a sculpt by the Four Horsemen.

This made-to-order release runs $35.00 (plus shipping). This pre-order is open until March 31st 2019 with shipping in Summer 2019.

Fossil Pods Primal Pink Edition

Toy Art Gallery has announced a new edition of James Groman's Fossil Pods - the Primal Pink Edition. Each Fossil Pod mashes up a bug and a dinosaur into a roughly 2-inch long soft vinyl figure. Designed and sculpted by James Groman and produced by Toy Art Gallery, the Fossil Pods include Tricerabeetle, Mosquitodactyl, Tyrannonmantis, Brontopillar, and Saurpian. The Primal Pink Edition features a factory paint job with yellow, blue and metallic green spray on hot pink soft vinyl.

The Fossil Pods Primal Pink Edition Set is available on Monday March 11th 2019 at Noon PT for $75.00 a set.

Masters Of The Universe William Stout Collection

Super7 has announced that their The Masters of the Universe Collector's Choice Series continues with the William Stout Collection. Based on the legendary 1987 MOTU production art created by William Stout, these figures seem to jump right from the 1987 film. There's He-Man, Skeletor, Hyper Skeleton, and Karg. Each 7-inch tall figure comes complete with accessories. Slated to ship in Summer 2019, these figures are currently available to pre-order through March 31st 2019. They are priced at $140.00 plus shipping for the set or $35.00 each.