CryptoKaiju has launched their second batch of Ethereum Powered Vinyl Toys. These Bitcoin-themed collectibles, named Jaiantokoin, uses "tamper resistant NFC tags and is digitally unique. It’s backed by a non fungible ERC-721 token, which is the same token standard used in the highly popular virtual game, CryptoKitties. The token contains metadata which describes certain aspects of the collectible, such as its birth date, gender, colour, a description and two personality traits such as ‘intelligence’ or ‘creativity.’" (I have no idea what any of that means...)

Just 250 pieces of the new physical crypto collectibles will be available worldwide. The 5.5 inch tall collectible is made from high-quality vinyl with injection molded arms and legs for added stability. The color version - Bitcoin or Ethereum -are chosen at random. And you can purchase one for $55.00 (or whatever that is in Ethereum or Bitcoin or whatever crypto currency you're into).